Elie's doll has a box with pretty dreams inside...

"A little plain doll who never found the wings that could set her free. Instead she builds castles upon the clouds that one day she hopes to reach and find all the happiness and wonders she lives dreaming about."
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this is terrifying and beautiful at the same time

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you can actually pinpoint the moment when he realizes he’s made a huge mistake

lmao yes sis

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Paula Bonet                  

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She was so imperfect and beautiful celebrities nowadays would never be caught dead with tan lines or have their dress sleeve slipping off like that in public but she was a real person she was someone with curves and a real opinion she promoted a healthy self image by practicing what she was preaching unlike celebrities nowadays who tell us to love ourselves while they are constantly spending thousands of dollars fixing themselves and dieting to look the way no average girl could ever look that is why she is my idol and I’d give anything to have her back

that comment

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Jewellery Set

Late 19th Century 

Philadelphia Museum of Art

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a little girl in the grocery store just asked me if i was a princess because my dress was pretty and i said everyone’s a princess and she pointed to her dad and asked if he was a princess too and her dad said yep its true im a princess and she looked so happy idk it was adorable


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my scary pumpkin.

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